Sam is a mother and a full time 9-5 worker. She has always had a passion for photography and cooking. Although she has no degree in either, she is dedicated to challenging herself into learning new things, creating master pieces, and capturing those precious moments.  She spends all her free time helping others, sharing recipes to help better their lives, like it has made her life so much healthier, and better. Started her keto journey in August 2017.


Lauren is a full time worker, and a full time mama. She loves to spend her spare time with family. She also likes to play XBOX on occasion, and spending time outdoors. Lauren isn’t too interested in the online world, but she definitely helps Samantha a ton when it comes to the blog, and creating recipes. Shes a full time recipe taster. Started her keto journey in August 2017.


Devon is our 8 years old son and is a ball of energy. Although he is not fully keto, he still eats everything we eat and his diet is mainly Paleo. We look forward to incorporating a keto/paleo lifestyle into his life and watching him grow. Full time recipe taster!


This is Tank! A silly Pitt Mix boy who loves to chase tennis balls and go to the dog park. If you throw a tennis ball he will chase that thing and bring it back for hours! He was born in 2011 and is our oldest baby.


This is Xena! She is a very hyper German Shepherd pup and loves to play with her brother Tank. She has bad anxiety since she was a couple months old. Other than her anxiety she is very loving and playful. She was born in January 2017 and is our youngest baby.

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