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Quarantine Day 44

Hey Friends!

Today quarantine day 44 for us. Day one was when we got sent home from work to work from home. However, Devon was out of school a week prior. All-in-all we have been staying positive and finding things to do to keep us busy so we aren’t going out of our minds.

I don’t want it to sound like things have been perfect. They certainly have not been. Devon goes stir crazy and just wants our full attention 24/7. Working from home (our normal jobs) it makes it hard to give him the full attention. We also have to help him with his school work while we are trying to do our work jobs as well.

It has been difficult but we are working through it. We have not kept up on family walks because, 1. We have been a little lazy and 2. Devon’s allergies got really bad to where he had to have medicine and an inhaler. It was a scary time especially with what is happening in the world (his doctors were not concerned he had the virus). Due to that we stayed inside for a couple of weeks.

I miss being able to go out in public and spend time with my family doing things together. My anxiety has been bad but is getting better. I’m sure I have been driving my partner crazy and she is pretty sick of my shenanigans already ha ha. 😀

Here are somethings that we have been up to!

Devon’s Birthday Party!

I can’t believe that my little man is already 8 years old! He was such a trooper on his birthday. Even though we couldn’t have a big party like we planned, he loved the little party we had with just the three of us. We woke him up by signing happy birthday then he walked into balloons and signs all over the kitchen. We even hung streams covering his doorway.

Once we made breakfast he opened his presents then we ate cake for brunch! He was very surprised we got him a cake, silly boy. He got to play with his new toys and video game and then we drove to a few friends and families houses and as we slowly drove by they got to say happy birthday and had signs and balloons!

It was very special. 

Gardening! & Plants!

We started our garden! I am so excited and I can’t wait to share more about it. Hopefully this year I can make a blog post. We have planted carrots, kale, onions, green and red bell peppers, Habanero peppers, New Mexico peppers, strawberries, and two types of tomatoes.

We also planted spearmint. It needed its own pot! Last year it spread about a foot out. My favorite thing we planted is herbs! We planted basil, sage, parsley, cilantro, thyme and oregano.

The onions and carrots are seeds, so we shall see if they sprout. I have tried planting seeds when I was younger but from what I remember only some things grew. However, I have never been able to do a real harvest. I mainly planted flowers when I was younger. Which I will be planting flowers soon as well!

Here are some of the things we purchased. You can find everything on our Amazon shop page. The link contains affiliate links.

Amazon Store

Food Blogging!

Since I have been home (24/7) I have been able to really focus on the blog and create more recipes! Food photography has really become a passion for me and it brings me so much joy. My dream is to make my food blog into a full time job and I couldn’t do that without you guys! The recipe below is coming to the blog soon! See our recipes here. Here are some delicious cocktails new on the blog: Low Carb Margarita; Moscow Mule.

Some shows we have been watching!

  • The 100 (very good! It keeps you very interested)
  • Married At First Sight (guilty pleasure)
  • Tiger King (we have finished this already but it was the weirdest show I have ever watched)
  • Total Bellas (my guilty pleasure!) 

This list doesn’t include our normal shows we watch every week when they come out with new episodes. However, pretty much all of them are on break. 🙁

All photos in this post are taken on my iPhone.