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5 Instant Pot Keto Meals

Oh hey friends! Here is a round up of my favorite 5 Instant Pot Keto Meals. What is better than a quick and easy meal?

The Instant Pot (Affiliate Link) is my favorite kitchen appliance! Dinner is always so easy to make when I use my Instant pot. Lauren got me one for our anniversary a couple of years ago and I have consistently used it since.

Easy Keto Meals

My all time favorite pork recipe. These Carnitas are crispy, juicy, and flavorful.

Q: Why is it my favorite?

A: They are crispy! Who doesn’t love crispy meat.

A: Crispy but ALSO juicy. Which makes it the perfect combination.

A: The toppings! I love to add cheese, sour cream and cilantro on top of a delicious low carb tortilla.

Instant Pot Chicken Meals

You can use many different proteins in the Instant Pot. I love cooking chicken and pork, because they get so tender and are so easy to shred. Cooking in a pressure cooker makes everything very tender, which makes cooking vegetables super easy too.

Instant Pot Soups

Soup recipes are the best. They are the best comfort meals. Making soup is a great way to add a ton of nutrients into your meal. I absolutely love bone broth and it is full of nutrients. If you don’t make your own bone broth I really love Bonafide Provisions brand.

Instant Pot Recipes are Perfect for Meal Prep

I have found that cooking Instant Pot or slow cooker recipes are perfect for meal prep. You can cook a lot at once and it is easy to put in containers and store away for the week.

Some of my favorite recipes for meal prepping is:

If you don’t live in New Mexico, then I’m sorry you probably don’t have access to Green Chile. And no, I don’t mean green chile sauce. Certainly not the same thing. If you do have green chile near you, you will love this Green Chile Stew.

Save this image, to make these recipes later!

Here is a round up of my favorite 5 Instant Pot Keto Meals. Easy and simple low carb recipes that cook up fast in a pressure cooker. #Instantpotketomeal #instantpotrecipes

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