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My Gut Healing Process

I will be sharing My Gut Healing Process in this post and another post to come. Where do I begin. I have issues with my gut for about six to seven year, maybe longer. I didn’t become aware of the issues until I really started looking at what I was eating. Before I started the keto diet I started to notice that any time I ate my stomach hurt. It didn’t really matter what I ate, my stomach would always hurt.

Bone broth
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Keto helped my gut healing process.

When I started keto my gut issues improved a lot. When I got rid of all of the grains, wheat and sugar it wouldn’t hurt every time I ate. I could stopped being bloated all of the time. Now that being said, the keto diet didn’t completely heal me. Which has led me here! I am on a journey to healing my gut so that way I can feel my best and stop hurting when I eat some things.

Not everyone’s gut healing journey will be the same.

I want to share this process with the world because I think it is important to be aware of your gut. The gut controls so much of your body and your health. I will be sharing my journey, but remember that what works for me may not work for you. Please consult your doctor or health professional before doing any kind of food eliminating etc.

Food sensitivity test and food allergy test.

I consulted a nutritionist, who took my labs and sent them to Dunwoody Labs for testing. What I got was a panel of 88 dietary antigens are probed for specific IgE and IgG4 molecules. I will share my results in images below for you to see. This post is more about what I am working on and what I have started. I will be sharing a future post on what exactly I did and how it has healed my gut, so stay tuned!

Gut healing food allergy and sensitivity test results.
Gut healing food allergy and sensitivity test results.

What I am eliminating for 8 weeks to heal my gut!

As you can see on my test results there are a few things that I am reactive to. I have either an allergy to or am sensitive to. The good news is that I will not get anaphylaxis to any of the foods tested. This test did not include the nuts that I know I am allergic to, from when I got a prick test. The main things that I have cut out of my diet are, all dairy, even goat dairy, gluten (easy on the keto diet), sesame seeds/oil and eggs. Some of the other things I have cut out but can have one serving every three days are, avocados and avocado oil, pork, broccoli and shrimp. I worked with a nutritionist who made this plan for me. *please work with a medical professional to eliminate things from your diet*

Check out my post on the Keto diet here. If you are interested in a healthy life I would highly recommend the keto diet. It has changed my life a lot in so many ways. Some high in nutrient recipes we have on the site you can check out: Keto Chili with Beef Liver Cobb Salad Coconut Salmon Curry

Featured image: Photo by Victoria Shes on Unsplash